Daniel T


Every Thursday night, Daniel T & Wyatt Potts throw Heat-Wave at Gold Diggers in Los Angeles. The party centers around funk, disco, and synth music of the international variety. Since its inception in 2016, the party has travelled to New York, Miami, Phoenix, and Oakland. Guest DJs have included Bill Brewster, Trus’me, Orpheu the Wizard, Jex Opolis, Rory Phillips, and Mori Ra. Head to the Heat-Wave Bandcamp page to grab edits, DJ tools, and party jams. Learn more about Heat-Wave events at heatwavelosangeles.com



Every third Tuesday from 2-4pm PST, you can catch the Heat-Wave radio show on NTS2. Daniel and Wyatt Potts dive deep into their record collections to bring you an assortment of rarities from all over the world.