Daniel T


Daniel T. is a Los Angeles-based DJ and producer. A longtime record collector and digger, Daniel has become a local authority on bygone music. He hosts regular radio shows on Dublab (Crosseyed & Painless) and NTS (Heat-Wave) while also throwing a weekly party for Heat-Wave in collaboration with Wyatt Potts at former Hollywood stripclub, Gold Diggers. Daniel started making music a decade ago as one half of Cosmic Kids. Alongside Ron Poznansky, he made a name for himself producing heady house and astral dance tunes, and releasing originals and remixes with cult labels Throne of Blood, Let’s Play House and DFA.

After a handful of releases with Cosmic Kids, Daniel pivoted toward his own project as Daniel T. His solo output is inspired by everything that you might find leafing through his record collection: funk, post punk, new age and pop of yesteryear (think: Compass Point All Stars to Yellow Magic Orchestra). The music he releases as Daniel T. is a reflection of his global taste filtered through his Southern California surroundings.

Daniel T.’s solo debut, a mini-album titled Tetrachromat, was released in 2015 on Young Adults, to a burst of acclaim from the likes of Pitchfork and Resident Advisor. In 2018, Daniel released a full length on Cascine entitled Heliotrope. In contrast to the steady dance-oriented tempos of Tetrachromat, Heliotrope moves across more dynamic landscapes.